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In short, Erin has done more to correct my health issues than any doctor or other healthcare professional.

My first consultation with Erin was August 2019. I weighed approximately 215 pounds and considered myself in okay shape (lifting weights 2-3 days and running 5-10 miles each week).
I had also been struggling with high blood pressure (since 2010) and severe acid reflux / GERD (since 2004), and I was more or less told by doctors to learn to accept those conditions.

I reached out to Erin for a consultation, hoping that a change in diet would help manage my conditions.

After 6 months, I lost 50 pounds and am down to 165 pounds. My body weight and composition are at the same levels as when I was a college athlete, and my energy is at a level I did not think was possible after turning 30.

Most significantly, my diseases are now under control and even being actively reversed. My blood pressure is under control for the first time in a decade, and I can finally see the day that I no longer need to take medicine for my acid reflux.

Again, Erin has done more for my health and well-being than any doctor I have met with, and I cannot recommend her services enough. 

-Joe, 36

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I decided to work with Erin because I was always hungry due to my daily exercise routine. At that point,. I was a little overweight, but was quite active, so I thought I was doing alright. I was just annoyed that I was always hungry!

Erin set me up with a comprehensive plan tailored to my goals. She taught me about portion sizes, which are often distorted in the US. Erin provided me with a game plan to show roughly how many servings of each type of food I should aim to eat each day to accommodate my activity levels, health goals, and appetite. This was the main reason I needed Erin. I had no idea which foods I was supposed to eat and how much of them should land in my belly each day. She was always available to answer any questions that arose.

In addition to being able to help me with my game plan, she also provided a helpful list of resources such as cookbooks, websites, and books to further assist me on my path.

Fast forward a year later: I have a lot more energy, I am satiated, my taste buds have adapted to healthier meals and snacks, and my cooking skills have expanded drastically. It’s fun to recreate our old favorite dishes into new healthy ones! My overall physique has changed as well; an increase in muscle and loss of fat despite never counting calories.

I am thankful that I am living my life in a way that will allow me many healthy vibrant years to come.

Thank you, Erin. I am so glad you shared this amazing gift with me and my family. 



I have utilized Erin’s services for several months now and am reaping many benefits. As someone with diabetes, I wanted to maximize my eating to help me lower my A1C (blood sugar) and get the most nutrition from what I was eating. Erin taught me how to eat the rainbow and why. She taught me how to read labels, sent me recipes for new foods that I wanted to try, and helped me navigate a helpful phone app that I had been wanting to use but was struggling to navigate through. She shared how to incorporate exercise to help with overall wellbeing.

Not only has Erin helped me with my food choices, she has helped me learn effective ways to battle insomnia during this difficult time with the pandemic. She gave me strategies to help with my sleep, and now I’m getting better sleep than I’ve gotten in weeks. Lastly, she has helped me improve my body image and helped me see how amazing my body is. Because of Erin’s insight, I have a more positive outlook of my physicality, and I feel more confident than I have in a long time. 

I am delighted with my results: Much more energy, weight loss, impressing my cardiologist, and becoming fit and healthy by finding the right balance of nourishing foods, consistent exercise, and restful sleep. 

Erin not only talks the talk, she walks it as well. More importantly, Erin walks right alongside of you, empowering you to be the best version of yourself that you can be! 

Maggie, 59


I have been a client of Erin Lynne’s for the past two months and am amazed by the results.
Prior to working with Erin, I was unable to exercise or golf without hip & knee pain. Additionally, my sleep was poor at best, tossing & turning only to start my day feeling tired. 

My eating habits were a “seefood”-based diet with fried foods as a favorite. I previously had the philosophy of more is better.

After only 2 weeks of following Erin’s recommendations, my energy levels increased, my sleep improved, and my joint pains subsided. About two weeks following, my energy level spiked and my joint pain almost completely disappeared. 

I just finished my eighth week of coaching with Erin, and I am astounded to report that I played two rounds of golf with barely any discomfort. This is the first time I have played golf without moderate to severe discomfort in at least five years! Wow, what a pleasure to be able to enjoy a round of golf again! 

I have learned so much about food ingredients, how to read food labels, and how to fuel myself well. My improved energy levels, diminishing joint pain, sounder sleep, and overall outlook on life are much welcomed changes!

Erin’s one-on-one coaching model has provided me with tremendous insight into food choices and using food as medicine.

The money and time spent with Erin are generating HUGE positive improvements and it has been worth every penny. I’m looking forward to continuing working with Erin for my current health and my longevity!

Yes, even an older guy can be taught new & improved eating habits!  

Jeff, 60


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