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The Full Story: Overcoming Obstacles

Why are chronic diseases so preventable yet so prevalent?

​The reasons vary with each individual. Maybe you can relate to some of the following.

The most common reason: Confusion. Ever wonder: Are carbs good or bad? Are juices healthy? Which foods lower inflammation? Should I be avoiding gluten? Many of us are confused about what “healthy eating” means, and understandably so. Food advertisements and labels can be tricky to decode, and the conflicting information can be misleading.

Additional reasons:

· Lack of accountability and support

· Time constraints

· Struggling to g

et motivated or stay motivated

· Unfamiliar with some foods or how to prepare them

· Unsure where to start

· Fear of losing comfort from food

· Unsure where to find tasty and healthy recipes

· Unsure how to eat healthy and feel full

· Worried eating differently than your family or friends will be too much of a hassle

Can you relate to any of these? Whatever your obstacles, working with a qualified nutrition professional will:

· Answer your questions & clear up confusion

· Motivate you

· Keep you accountable

· Give you support and encouragement

· Allow you to finally attain those goals you've put on the shelf

· Achie

ve and sustain thriving health!

It's time to reap the benefits of healthy living!

For more on how you can achieve your goals, check out the blog post: "Why Collaboration is Crucial."

Know of a loved one that would benefit from reading this? Share it! :)

Be well,

Erin Lynne Beattie, RDN Registered Dietitian Nutritionist

If you have any questions on the above information or to set up a complimentary introduction call, please email:

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